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We craft incredible custom websites and solve complex digital problems.

Our proven methods save you time and money while automating and generating more enquiries, leads or sales.
You are in good company. Our team has created solutions for:
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Automate. Simplify. Streamline.

We Know Why You Are Here

Efficiency. Time savings. World-class work. Enquiries. Sales. Leads. 
We believe solutions should be

As Simple As Pressing A Button

Your Challenges
Our SolutionS   

Complicated Processes

Are your current processes complicated and taking time away from more important things, like creating new brilliant products or focusing on big-picture aspects of your business?

Low Performance Digital Platforms

Are your hard-earned money and resources being wasted on digital platforms that don’t perform or bring you tangible results?

Lack of Skills and Knowledge

Sometimes googling just isn’t enough. Maybe your employees in-house need more specialised training or you need a sounding board to help all your ideas come together.

Automated Workflows

We’ll automate your daily time-consuming business facing processes and set up systems that will essentially run themselves, leaving you feeling reinvigorated to invest energy into your business.

Beautiful Apps, Integrations and Websites

We love it when everything comes together in that perfect trifecta: visually appealing design, smooth integration of all your favourite software tools and a well-built bespoke website that performs with high functionality.

Strategic and Holistic Consulting

We’ll work step by step with you to develop a well-thought out strategy that brings organic, long-lasting results in all aspects of your business, from scaling to getting the best results from marketing platforms.
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How can you improve your business, workflows and processes?

We can say confidently that people are doing work in your business that technology could be doing for them. For example, automation works when an action is repetitive.

What kinds of repetitive actions do you have in your organisation? Does your website work for you? Do people find your brand attractive?

Remember to think about both external and internal aspects!
Get us to do the thinking

For example…

Every type of business, organisation or project generally requires a different set of tools. Here are some ideas (that we have definitely done before):

- Creating invoices from website form submissions.
- Taking orders via ecommerce rather than over the phone.
- Sending product samples automatically to a photographer and fulfilment warehouse and having photos instantly uploaded to your site.
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Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

Jonny Wakely

Development Lead

Eloise Boissevain

Content & Creative
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David Stephenson

Business Consulting & Strategy

Ruan Swanepoel

Integrations & Back-end

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We love working with passionate people from all different fields of expertise
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Why Us?

We are a 100% Australian based team with high standards and a higher work ethic!

Client Portal

We created an online portal that allows full transparency over the whole project process. You will have access to all of your files for a project (no messy emails!) and you will know what has been completed and what the next step is at all times.

Professional Communication

Our ethos is fast, efficient and clear client response & communication. We firmly believe in transparency on every level, so you can trust your business is in good hands.

Local Australian team (no outsourcing)

All of our work is done right here in Australia with team members employed by Simplypress. This means when you reach out you’re in conversation directly with us - there’s no third parties or confusing delays with time zones.

Industry Experts

Our hand-picked team are highly skilled at what they do and individually have a passion for quality that’s been developed over years of experience. We love problem solving and always work together as a unit on every single project we take on.
Problems + innovation = solutions

Case Studies

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Will I be able to edit my website myself?
Yes you can. We can design websites with various levels of user customization. This covers text and content changes. We also train you on how to use the website CMS. We still like to handle the management of a website once it's launched because that gets fairly complex and nerdy.
How long does it take for you to design a website?
Every web design project is different, but we can typically design, develop, and launch most small business websites in 8 weeks or less. Even with larger projects, we're able to launch a website in phases to make sure your business doesn't have to wait too long to start getting a return on investment. Smaller websites can be designed and launched faster.
How much does website design cost?
Professional web design for small business ranges from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $50,000. Web design freelancers can be hired for a few hundred dollars, but freelancers are never recommended for any serious business website. To do web design the right way, you can expect to spend at least $5000. We strive to make custom web design as affordable as possible while also offering flexible payment plans.
Will my website return my investment?
When a website is done right – by a company that understands the science of web design – the ROI is tremendous. Many well made websites generate six and seven figures in new revenue each year. That's revenue directly attributable to the website and the traffic generated by the website that the business otherwise wouldn't have. The lost opportunity cost from having a cheap website and virtually no rankings is huge.
Do you outsource?
No. All of our work is done right here in Australia with team members employed by the Simplypress.
Do you have an amazing portfolio?
Yes we do! However, we are a fairly new business. We only became a company at the start of this year.  Our team has worked with a number of extremely well known businesses, but, because they didn't happen through this company we can't display them. Get in touch and we can show you them!
What is the Simplypress portal?
This is really cool. We have just finished creating an online portal that allows full transparency over the whole project process. You will have access to all of your files for a project (no messy emails) and you will know what has been completed and what the next step is at all times. All you need to do is log in once the project is started!
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