A good website is COVID essential

75% of consumers admit that they judge a business’ credibility based on their website design. And more people are shopping and searching online than ever before! Read our article here.

What our clients have to say about us.

We are invested in our clients success. These are their most repeated reasons for why they love our service:
Never lose track of the project with your client portal
Mobile/Tablet Responsive
Blazingly fast speed
Phone and email support. Real help when you need it
  • Graeme Sennett
    Gippsland Business Awards
    “David and his team built a great web site for us.  Responding to our requirements and including all the content and branding we required, they reconfigured our menu options providing a finished product we are extremely happy with. ”
  • Christina Keeble
    Christina Keeble Consulting
    "David from Simplypress has been amazing! He has helped me bring my vision for my website to fruition. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable, easy to work with, professional and provides 5 star service. You won't be disappointed!"
  • Kirsten Krausz
    Gippsland Event Management
    "David was great to work with. He came up with some great ideas to make the website dynamic and we ended up with a professional website. I would have no hesitation in recommending Simplypress to design your website."

Our sites are deeply integrated with your favourite tools

Sync your leads, map fields and segment contacts with your favorite software applications. We can help you personalise your website’s CTAs, forms, and landing pages to connect with over 1,000 apps.

How we work

Our process has been proven through years of practice and experience. This is how we get results!


SEO & Market Research


Sitemaps & Wireframes


Live Website Development


Website Testing and Launch

SEO & Market Research

After the project proposal has been accepted (and you have access to your client portal) we get started by diving into keyword research, competitor research, and general market research so we can make sure the site we build for you is exactly what your ideal customers are wanting and searching for.

Sitemaps & Wireframes

A sitemap outlines your website’s core page structure and navigation. This is how we know what pages to build.

Once this is done, we use a wireframe to design your website’s layout and user experience (UX) without wasting money on design iteration. We then design the UI style guide(styling individual elements to get used repeatedly) ensuring that it perfectly fits your brand and that works effectively toward your business objectives.

Live Website Development

With all the prep work done (SEO, design, content, calls to action), we’re able to develop (build) your website extremely fast. We develop all websites on a live development server so you can monitor progress 24/7.

Website Testing and Launch

Before your new website design goes live you have a chance to review and create a punch list for small iterations. We make the necessary changes, do a final round of testing on things like SEO, site speed, page score, cross-browser rendering, mobile friendliness, and then launch your site live.

The main names behind our work

We employ a number of casuals, part-time and full-time staff right here in Australia. It takes a lot of very specific skill sets to deliver a brilliant website. The names below are the individuals that you can talk to on a daily basis while working through your project and after completion (turtle excluded).
David Stephenson
"Learning about different businesses and figuring out ways for them to succeed is my passion. I self diagnose as a workaholic because I find business so interesting that it is difficult for me to put down. In my spare time (when that occurs) I like to chase adventure and challenge. Skydiving, snowboarding and diving are all things I enjoy."
Jonny Wakely
Development Lead
"Coder, Designer, relaxed Countryside nerd. I enjoy collaborating with clients, finding solutions and turning their web dreams into reality and more. You'll often find me enjoying hiking outdoors with fires, along with friends in conversation of engineering and philosophical discussions."
Our Turtle
Head of Workspace Happiness
We haven't named him (or her) yet, but we are partnering with the WWF Green Sea Turtle adoption program to help save our official mascot by making sure that plastic is kept out of the sea!

If you want to suggest a name for our turtle let us know!
Do you have an amazing portfolio?
Yes we do! However, we are a fairly new business. We only became a company at the start of this year.  Our team has worked with a number of extremely well known businesses, but, because they didn't happen through this company we can't display them. Get in touch and we can show you them!
Do you outsource?
No. All of our work is done right here in Australia with team members employed by the Simplypress.
Will my website return my investment?
When a website is done right – by a company that understands the science of web design – the ROI is tremendous. Many well made websites generate six and seven figures in new revenue each year. That's revenue directly attributable to the website and the traffic generated by the website that the business otherwise wouldn't have. The lost opportunity cost from having a cheap website and virtually no rankings is huge.
How much does website design cost?
Professional web design for small business ranges from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $50,000. Web design freelancers can be hired for a few hundred dollars, but freelancers are never recommended for any serious business website. To do web design the right way, you can expect to spend at least $5000. We strive to make custom web design as affordable as possible while also offering flexible payment plans.
How long does it take for you to design a website?
Every web design project is different, but we can typically design, develop, and launch most small business websites in 8 weeks or less. Even with larger projects, we're able to launch a website in phases to make sure your business doesn't have to wait too long to start getting a return on investment. Smaller websites can be designed and launched faster.
Will I be able to edit my website myself?
Yes you can. We can design websites with various levels of user customization. This covers text and content changes. We also train you on how to use the website CMS. We still like to handle the management of a website once it's launched because that gets fairly complex and nerdy.
What is the Simplypress portal?
This is really cool. We have just finished creating an online portal that allows full transparency over the whole project process. You will have access to all of your files for a project (no messy emails) and you will know what has been completed and what the next step is at all times. All you need to do is log in once the project is started!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Simplypress is a Australian agency based in east Victoria that specializes in online solutions for business. We especially love working with manufacturers locally and internationally.  We also want to save turtles.
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