Why is a website important?

Firstly, since the beginning of the pandemic, due to lockdowns and authorities encouraging populations to limit face to face contact, online shopping has increased by 39%. And that is in the first quarter of this year alone! If you want to make sales or generate leads you have to go to where the consumers are. I can tell you that they are online.

...online shopping has increased by 39%.

As time goes on, the reliance on digital and virtual services to get access to daily necessities is going to continue to grow. It's hard to imagine starting or running a business without an online presence. Your website is your meeting place with your customers and they expect it to be modern and fast. Or they will go to your competitors. 75% of consumers admit that they judge a business’ credibility based on their website design. As a result, good websites are an absolute necessity.

75% of consumers admit that they judge a business' credibility based on their website design.

Case Study - The Simplypress Website

During the initial setup of the business, we put the company website on the back burner as not important and put a very quick "placeholder" site up. As a result we didn't get any leads coming through. However, we managed to keep busy due to our industry connections. However, when those leads had dried up, there were two options. One, do a lot of cold calls or revamp the website. I personally enjoy cold calls. But, you can't have a website development business without a good website. It doesn't make any sense. So, we proceeded with investing some time in our own business website for a week and the result is that now we get exciting new leads in every week. It is also one of the fastest websites in Victoria!

What makes a website great?

Using publicly available data the truth is that if you are not online you are missing out on business. A LOT of business. But just having a website is not going to solve that. Your website needs to be a lot of things. Here are some of the most important aspects:

Fast (Speed is king)

One of the easiest ways to lose a prospective customer is for your website to take far too long to load. A lot of recent studies show that if a website takes over 3 seconds to load you can lose up to 25% of prospective visitors right there. And that's even before they have decided that they want what you are offering. You can check your website speed here https://gtmetrix.com/.

If you website is not 3 seconds or under your website developer has not optimized it. One method that works well is to put a website developers own website (or some of their portfolio) into https://gtmetrix.com/ before engaging them to upgrade, revamp or build a new website for you. Everyone says that they build fast websites. But the proof needs to be in the pudding!

Up to date

This is almost (not quite) as important as speed. People are attracted to beautiful things! There are two aspects to this.

  1. If your website looks old and unattractive people will think the same of your business. Remember this is the public face of your brand! Modern style and UI/UX design is very important to a successful website.
  2. The website needs to be updated regularly with fresh, current content. This could be social media feeds, blogs or photo updates. This shows your visitors that you are absolutely in business and ready to service their needs. One of the simplest methods of doing this is to make sure that the year in the copyright footer is the correct year (this can be done automatically!).

Responsiveness is a websites ability to scale to different screen sizes. Every screen is a different size. So the website needs to be able to change to fit these screen sizes and display the content in a way that makes sense to the user.

Mobile web surfing has overtaken desktop. Yes! Most internet users are browsing via their mobile device. This means that if your website is not mobile responsive your website needs updating ASAP.

You can check this by going on your phone, opening the internet browser (generally Safari or Chrome) and typing in your website URL. If this looks strange and all over the place or you need to zoom in to view it properly then it is overdue for a change!

Good Content

Have you ever navigated to website that looks like it's pixellated photos have been taken by a first generation iPhone? It would also help if they took care with grammar and spelling because you want to be dealing with a professional.

These are serious problems that make your website look more like a scammers website than a legitimate business. That is why it is worth investing in good copy writing, photography, illustration or any other content. A website is only a shell. It needs amazing content to bring it to it's full potential.


Dynamic websites are interesting and up

allow you to update an element from the backend and it will populate everywhere that it needs to on the frontend. One way we dynamically create our customers websites is to gather their reviews and display three on the front end of the website. Every time the page is viewed different reviews will appear.

In closing

A website is not a small project, but it is essential to have a good website due to the changing nature of how we interact. Mostly brought on by a worldwide pandemic.

Make sure that you use a website team/agency (generally freelancers don't deliver brilliant websites because their skillset does not cover all necessary components).

Don't miss out on one of the biggest opportunities for your business. Get up to date or get online for the first time!

Let's get your project off the ground!

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