Exciting News: Simplypress joins the Australian Made campaign

June 9, 2022

Eloise Boissevain

June 9, 2022

Simplypress are proud to announce we are now part of the Australian Made campaign!

When you buy Australian, you support Australia.

By supporting us, you create jobs and economic activity while enjoying products and services made to some of the highest standards in the world.
Australian Made logo

Why is Australian Made important to us - and to you?

We believe that authenticity, transparency and exceptional quality are what our clients need from us, so we have ensured that all of our work is done right here in Australia with team members employed by Simplypress. This means that when you reach out in conversation - you’re talking directly to us. No third parties or confusing delays with time zones!

All of our website development, digital automation solutions and in-house services (like e-commerce photography) are created, made and designed 100% in our Gippsland office by our hand-picked team of local industry experts.

Graph showing percentages about the Australian Made logo

This is a core part of our brand offering and what sets us apart from the plethora of digital agencies scattered throughout Melbourne.

Each of our team members are highly skilled at what they do and individually have a passion for quality that’s been developed over years of experience in their fields. We love problem solving and always work together as a unit on every single project we take on. This also means we choose carefully who we work with and partner alongside, ensuring that our potential clients have the same core values and regard for quality that we do. We're keen to work with Australian made & owned brands and businesses whose products and services are authentic and locally made. If that's you, we'd love to hear from you!

As an added bonus, every website Simplypress makes gets to display that it is Australian made. (We think that's pretty cool!)

Client Showcase: Dezigns By Lisa

We recently created a beautiful website for our client, an Australian Made and Owned cotton-rope basket and homewares manufacturer located in South Gippsland.

We featured the Australian Made logo in the banner of her home page so her customers know they are purchasing a genuine product made and sourced right here on our Australian soil.

iPad on desk showing Dezigns by Lisa's website

Want to learn more about the Australian Made campaign? Jump on over to their website's FAQ to read more about it. You can also discover the secrets about our Australia-based processes with a free consultation anytime to find out how we can help you grow your business.