New Digital Solution: Why We've Partnered with 1Password

July 6, 2022

Eloise Boissevain

July 6, 2022

Here at Simplypress, we strongly believe in both clear transparency and supporting other likeminded businesses - which is why we're sharing some of our best digital solutions freely with you. We're excited to give you an insider's look into some of our favourite partners and why we've chosen them to work with.

Today we're talking about one of our favourite tools, 1Password! Let's get started.

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The big question: why does a business need a password manager?

Hold on to your office chair, we're about to share some scary security statistics with you:

  • 81% of data breeches can be traced back to weak, shared or multi-used credentials.
  • 69% of employees share passwords with co-workers to access information.
  • And the average cost of a business data breech? $3.8 million.

Yikes! For these reasons we take handling our client's private or sensitive information pretty seriously at Simplypress, so a password manager was a non-negotiable digital solution for us from the beginning. If you (like us!) are serious about protecting your company and clients, the first order of business should be creating a culture of security - the collective habits of employees who consistently do things in a secure way, actively helping protect an organisation and its sensitive data.

Graphic showing statistics on password security

Security misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions about good security is this: It’s not about technology, it’s actually about people. If you make your employees' day-to-day lives easier, security and productivity tend to follow. 

And it’s not just logins. 1Password can autofill payment card information, store sensitive documents, and even mask their email address.

Graphic showing quote about password managers and digital solutions
Graphic showing 1password

Automation makes it simple

Password managers like 1Password remove the friction of logging into sites manually. Rather than hunting down the Post-It note that they jotted their password down on - or worse, reusing the same password across multiple services - 1Password fills in that information for them. 

When you sign up for a new service, 1Password generates a strong, unique password, automatically fills in the relevant field, and then saves it to their 1Password vault. The next time they log in to that site, they don’t have to remember their password or even know it. 1Password logs them in automatically. 

With a thoughtful, smart approach, we’ve designed a lasting culture of security at Simplypress and closed our biggest security gaps. In doing so, security risk management is now a built-in feature of our business, rather than a moving target we’re always chasing. 

We chose 1Password as they have helped more than 80,000 businesses transform their information security with one of the most user-friendly platforms on the market. 

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Want to know more about using a password manager as a digital solution for your company or organisation? Shoot us a message to find out more about setting up 1Password for your business today.