Web Design Series: Components of Incredible UX Design

July 4, 2022

Eloise Boissevain

July 4, 2022

We're continuing our brand new series on web design! Today we're diving into UX design and how it's a fundamental component for a website that stands out and works effectively. Let's get started!

An effective user experience (or UX for short) is all about making sure your customers value what you're offering and improving the experience they have when interacting with your website or product.

In other words, it's the process of designing (digital or physical) products that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with.

What's the difference between UX Design and UI Design?

As we discussed in our previous post, the interaction between the user and the product is called the user interface.

The act of designing the visual elements of the object that the user interacts with - whether it's the shapes on a computer screen, the buttons on a remote control, or a combination of hardware and software - is referred to as user interface design. The development of the interaction of those objects is where user experience design comes in.

Both user interface design and user experience design work hand in hand. There's no point having a beautiful design if the functions of it don't work effectively.

Both should work in harmony to produce an unforgettable experience that your site visitors will love and remember - for all the right reasons!

The problem is - when UI or UX design don't work together efficiently, users will struggle to overlook it to use your website. This can again lead to low conversions, abandoned shopping carts and poor sales. Yikes!

It is important to be aware that UX designers are not typically responsible for the visual design of a product. Rather, they focus on the journey that the user takes and how the product is structured to facilitate this journey.

Key things to consider with your UX web design:

Functionality icon


Does the product work the way it's supposed to?

Reliability icon


Is the product readily available for use?

Usability icon


Can the user navigate the product without difficulty?

Convenience icon


Is the product intuitive?

Pleasurable icon


Is the user experience enjoyable enough to recommend to others?

Meaningful icon


Does the product hold personal significance for users?

Man sitting at desk creating a user experience for a new web design

UX design is about creating an enjoyable user experience

UX designers focus on ways to increase user happiness by enhancing the usability of the interface.

By doing this, they pay close attention to additional elements of the user experience, such as enjoyment, efficiency, and fun, in addition to just creating products that are merely usable.

A good user experience is one that meets a particular user’s needs in the specific context where he or she uses the product.

A great UX designer has the ability to think about and choreograph the interactions people have with a product/service across channels, mediums and platforms... in a way that benefits both the product and the people that will use it.

The ultimate goal: to make the product intuitive, responsive and easy to understand.

UX design considers the Why, What and How

As a UX designer, you should consider the Why, What and How of product use.

The Why involves the users’ motivations for using a product, whether they relate to a task they wish to perform with it or to values and views which users associate with the ownership and use of the product.

The What addresses the things people can do with a product - essentially, its functionality.

Finally, the How relates to the design of functionality in an accessible and aesthetically pleasant way.

Graphic showing the why, what and how of UX design

In short, it's crucial to nail the UX design of any website development project to ensure your site provides a positive experience for your potential customers. Make sure you check out the free UI/UX design checklist we put together to help you!

We hope you're enjoying reading our blog series on web design. Stay tuned for the next instalment on building trust with your clients - coming soon!

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